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The way we produce, consume, and think about clothes needs to change.  And it needs to change now. " 


  • We will take every step possible to make our clothing as environmentally friendly as we can - that includes, initial materials sourcing from waste and deadstock, minimal waste during production, hand delivery where possible, a clothing system to combat mass production and waste, etc.  
  • We will provide full transparency for our customers, so they know who made their clothes, what they're made from, how they have been priced etc - we have shared most of this online, however if you have another question that we have not thought to answer - please contact us and we will provide full information. 
  • We want full, real inclusivity, and refuse to work with anyone that actively goes against our ethics - regardless of how big an opportunity it could be. 
  • We will always do anything we can to support other creatives, and will give full recognition and credit to anyone that helps or collaborates with us - we have all been through the experience of working tirelessly on a project, being treated poorly, and all for free, (often doing the majority of the work) only to then not even get recognition.  And this needs to stop.  
  • We will always keep our focus on the messages, issues, and questions that our projects are about.  We will not buy into the idea that brands should seem exclusive and promise some unattainable lifestyle, or that designers should be seen as celebrities or gods.  Nah, we are just a couple of girls - one of us happened to learn to sew, one of us happened to learn quite a lot about media.  We can never allow ourselves to focus on wealth/popularity/selfish means - it must be about our desire for change, and our love of the craft.  
  • We will not take part in forced seasonal collections, or trends.  We will make work when we see fit and not get sucked into the cycle of creating useless amounts of clothes for no reason.  We're a slow fashion brand and we like it that way. 
  • We will continuously and tirelessly  try, make mistakes, learn, and adapt. 

Founded by identical twin sisters, Monozygotics aims to break ethical fashion of out its minimal, unaffordable (and greenwashed) box, to provide high fashion, sustainable made clothing that is more price accessible, more inclusive and most importantly truly transparent about every step of the process - what we do right and what we are learning and improving as we grow. 


We started Monozygotics after becoming increasingly disenchanted with the fashion industry, and angry at how restrictive and irresponsible such a potentially progressive industry could be. We champion social and environmental  sustainability and place our values at the core of every thing we make and do,  here we want to give you a breakdown of our process, for true and complete transparency.

1. We create our concept.  This is usually something that comes naturally from current social and political issues.  But we are also very inspired by characters and stories.  We use a wide range of abstract ways to create our designs; we act out the lives of our characters, put real clothes through specific actions, play around with usual materials and processes, and do a lot of research before finalising our lineup. (whether interviews, reading through theory or watching iconic old films.) It's important to us that we don't create clothes purely to look cool, we create clothes when we have something to say, and every detail of the designs will carry that message. 

2. After creating our design sketches and line up we begin looking at the most sustainable way to bring our ideas to life. Sourcing materials we often get inspired to change designs and incorporate new things. We scour second hand shops for old clothes, curtains and bedsheets to pull apart and turn into new textiles, we go to all of our local London fabric shops and root through their scraps and cut offs, we collect deadstock materials from shops and other designers, and always keep an eye out for strange old objects on ebay.  

3.  The actual sewing of the garments is a slow but socially sustainable process, we work in London as a very small team, cutting, pinning and sewing together in a safe setting. As you can see in our price breakdown everyone involved in the process is paid fairly for their time.  Normally the make process involves making tests and toiles over and over until correct - and all these trials are thrown away.  This is a huge waste of materials, so we try to reduce this.  We just change our patterns rather than redoing them each time, and similarly by getting the garments right as close to first time as possible - making them too long or too big on purpose so that they can be fitted from here,  instead of totally remade, or by unpicking and correcting rather than totally redoing.  It's a little more time consuming, but far less wasteful, and our pieces tend to have the perfect fit! 

4. Once the looks are created we love to put on a show or make a film and a look book - whatever we think is the presentation method best suited to the concept. Again these are created within our small family team and everyone is treated as an important and valued part of the process, credited for their contribution and paid fair wages. We love showing the messy, decidedly not-glamourous behind the scenes of these shoots because the elite,  glamorous world of fashion that most brands present is simply fiction. 

5. When it comes to selling our garments, we use either a custom order system (you get a one off piece made to your measurements and accessibility requirements  as default)  or a hire system (pay a small fee to borrow the item for a week).  So many garments are bought for a one off event, or only used a few times then discarded - so why not just allow people to hire the and return - the hire concept is finally starting to take off in fashion now, but we've been doing this since 2020!  Alongside this we offer the custom make service too.  So that if people do want to own a garment, they can have it made for them in their size and selected materials.  This is to minimise waste and cost when we sell garments, (no mass production) and also so that we can make sure we are inclusive of everyone - which you just can't do when producing in bulk to standard sizes.  We also like to keep our transportation footprint down so like to be  delivering items by hand or having items picked up from our studio, if we do need to post something to the other side of London we minimise packaging there too - using compostable bags. 

We are not perfect, and as such a small new brand there are so many things we wish we could do even better, but we hope to continue improving and adapting as we grow, so that we can create truly impactful garments and hopefully begin to challenge our customers whole mindset towards the way that they consume. 

We know how important transparency is, an that our prices can seem high - so here is a pricing break down of every item in our collections! 

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Daisy Riley 

 Daisy is our Filmmaker, Photographer, Editor, Events Organiser, Writer, Social Media Manager, Website Manager, Press team, customer service department .. let's just call her COO. 

See more of her work at:

Scarlet Riley 
Scarlet is our in house fashion/costume designer and maker.  She  doesn't have a website/social media etc sorry! 


Chiara Manchini 

Chiara is the very first addition to our team, our first ever intern, who helps with literally everything and is a godsend! 

Preview our hire form to have a read over the T&C's and make sure you're happy with it all before you contact us to hire! It will go to your download folder. You can  hire easily and quickly through the hire page on this website - this is just the form that we will create from your request. 

Before you contact to order, have a look at the order form to see what sort of info we will need. It will load in your download folder. You can use this for custom pieces or special alterations - but you can also shop easily on our own shop page or from any of our stockists!  

Contact - to enquire about custom pieces or chat with scarlet. - catch daisy here for any film/photography/event queries or to enquire about purchases and hiring. 

For any general questions just fill out the contact form below and one of us will get back to you as quickly as possible.  

social media

Instagram: @monozygotic_

Twitter: @monozygotics1

Tiktok: @monozygotics

Pinterest: @monozygotics 

we also have a discord server!


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