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We believe that in order for the fashion industry to do better, it needs to be held accountable. That means no greenwashing, no secrets and no complacency. 




We're transparent about our whole making process, sharing photos and footage, breaking down our process and allowing customers to know exactly what they are buying.  

If you check out sustainability page we breakdown the different techniques that we use to continuously improve the environmental impact of our making process.

We are extremely clear that we are two young women, we are not perfect but what we promise that we will continually push ourselves to keep evolving our process, based on experiments, tried and tested results and feedback. 

Most importantly we respond openly and honestly to any questions about our process or our products and are easily contactable by email or social media. 

We are very transparent about the reasoning behind our pricing. We know that our pieces are not as affordable as fast fashion and are happy to explain why those costs are what they are. We try our best to keep prices to a minimum to keep our sustainable options as accessible as possible.


This is a breakdown of how we price our items: 

Material Costs (£30) + 

Seamstress wages at London living wage (£11.95 per hour x2.5 hours = £29.88) + 

Our Profit Margins (to go towards paying for our studio, utilities, threads, buttons, etc, and to paying for anyone else on our team e,g. models, photographers, social media management. This is usually between 30-50% of the item production cost, ideally 50% but we will lower this if we feel the item becomes inaccessibly expensive. So for this example let's say its 50% = £29.90) 

£5 charity donation (£5) 

Total item cost = £64

This format applies to every item we make, and we have a full break down for each specific item available on request so that we can transparently share the reason for the price of the item that you want. 

Our communications are another key point where transparency is important. 

So often this is the point where brands exaggerate their sustainability, hire diverse models that they don't pay or hide certain information. 

We like to keep things honest. If you check out our social media you will see messy behind the scenes photos, honest reflections, clarity in sharing our own mistakes and downfalls, and confidence in asserting where our morals lie as a brand, we often comment on and share resources about the social issues that we care about. 

As mentioned we will always respond to questions or feedback and think it's important to let you know who you are buying from just as much as you should

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