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Our Story  

Monozygotics was born out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, at the hands of us - identical twin sisters Daisy and Scarlet Riley. After years of studying fashion, and working in it, the disillusionment was real. Graduating into a world in isolation, with garment workers being mistreated further, protests taking off and the world we'd always aspired to be part of lying in rotten ruins we decided to take matters into our own hands, create something new and work my our own morals - not anybody else's. 

Little Kids 

Growing Up 

Starting Uni


With amazing parents who celebrated our creativity we were born in North London and spent our days playing dress up, laying out styled outfits on the floor, painting and building dreamy sets to play in. 


We were the quiet kids at school and didn't exactly blossom socially, but with support from some great friends, family and teachers we kept pursuing what we loved around school and work. Sewing, dying and altering the clothes we picked up from the local charity  shop. 

We both got into UAL despite being told at school not to bother trying to make it in fashion. With Daisy taking to Fashion Media Practice 7 Criticism for her BA & MA, and Scarlet taking a foundation course at UCA before studying womenswear at UAL.  We both worked and interned alongside uni so it was a very busy time, with loads of big changes. During our first year is when Daisy became chronically ill and by our final year COVID-19 was in full swing. 

By the time we had graduated we'd seen too much we'd seen working conditions, intern conditions, exploitation, theft of ideas, discrimination, waste.. an endless list of horrors. And we were sick of it. So we decided to take action, and Monozygotics was born in 2020 with our first collection ' A Boys Best Friend' which was a sustainably made, dark collection exploring themes of female stereotypes in slasher movies.  

We have both worked since we were 15, part time, full time, along side internships and freelancing and studying . Daisy has worked in fashion journalism, criticism, content creation, social media strategy and film making. Scarlet has worked in costume for film, theatre and performance, as well as fashion design as a studio manager making the pieces for multiple LFW shows. Together we work on Monozygotics and do our own things too. 

Who knows! We are committed to a constant evolution and growth, personally and at the brand. We don't see an end goal, but constant improvement. We are committed to pushing for a better fashion industry , and we can't wait to see where chasing this commitment takes us! 

Whats Next? 

Work Life 

Creating the Brand  

Citrus Fruits
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Scarlet Riley 

Co-Founder & Head Designer 

Scarlet is our head designer and seamstress, with a degree from UAL, previous positions at Ingrid Krafchenko, Angels and Vivienne Westwood and having made pieces for the royal family, your clothing is in safe hands with her. 

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Daisy Riley 

Co-Founder and Head of Communications

Daisy is out resident multi-tasker. Our internal videographer, photographer, writer, PR team and brand strategist. 

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