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Inclusivity is a huge issue in our industry, from tokenism to exclusion, body shaming to income and status based elitism, fashion is unfortunately known for being exclusive. But we want to change that. 

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Our making process is based around personalisation. We believe that standardised sizing works for almost no-one. 

When you order an item from us it will always be handmade on your order, not picked off a pile of mass produced items. Whilst this makes delivery a little slower it means that every item is  made to your exact measurements and can include your accessibility adaptations for no extra cost. We are happy offer adaptive suggestions too to help your item serve you the way you need it 

We try our best to make our products accessible to all. Currently for reasons based around sustainability and costs we usually deliver and hire in and around London, which we know limits geographical accessibility so this is something we hope to work on. 

We mainly sell online, which at least means anyone with a laptop or smartphone and internet can access our clothing, but we again acknowledge this isn't everyone. 

Finally we look at price accessibility, we believe that in order for sustainable clothing to have a big impact on the world, we all need to be able to access it. we try to keep our prices as low as possible and are transparent about our pricing and profit margins - you can see these on the transparency page. 

We are careful with the shoots that we do to always hire a diverse team - of models and of creatives behind the camera. Too often models are used to present a brand as inclusive whilst the team, working on the shoot is not at all. 

When we say an inclusive team that means ethnicity, religion, gender, size, disability, age, etc. 

We have room for improvement here, as a small brand we don't always have the funding to pay a full team, and we believe that when working with any creatives, especially those from underrepresented groups, they should be paid very fairly for their work. This means that often we end up taking quick photos on ourselves to show off a new garment or create a quick instagram post. And we know that we are quite literally identical to each other meaning that often the representation in some of our own content represents only one type of person. For now, as the founders and sole employees of the brand we don't see a better option that sharing ourselves in some content, however we would love to work towards always using diverse (paid) teams. 

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