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New Years Resolutions That Won't Drive You Crazy

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The end of 2023 is fast approaching, and we actually love the kind of 'fresh start' feeling that it brings. It can be a really rough time, we know that for sure, but we always feel like it is the perfect time to make the improvements that we want to, after learning from the last year.

Let us preface this by saying the practice of setting resolutions every year can be more of a pressure than a pleasure, and we are often encouraged to make really intense, unenjoyable, or unrealistic resolutions - like loosing loads of weight, starting strict diets, or otherwise unhealthy plans. That we only end up feeling guilty about when they aren't met.

But, like I said, we love setting ourselves goals. So here are a few ideas of small, manageable goals that could help you find more peace in 2023.

Meditate when you can

Meditation, even for 5 min a day it can aid your mental wellbeing so much. When you first wake up (although when I do this I often fall back asleep!) or before bed in the evening it can really help you tune in, relax and find some self love. There are loads of guided meditations free on youtube, some that even help you drift off to sleep too, which I love.

Buy less new clothing

Notice its not NO new clothing - cut yourself some slack, changes are made in small steps and every little helps. Either shop second hand or just buy less altogether! Maybe focus on the times where you want to buy a brand new outfit for one specific event and instead pick up something second hand or just google some styling inspo to find fun new ways to wear pieces you already have! (everytime I need outfit inspo I google Rhianna)

No TV one night a week.

Read, take up a hobby, do an online course, take a bath.. the desire to collapse on the sea and zone out at the end of the day is strong, but one night a week spent on something productive will really add up. Whether that’s to a greater level of relaxation or to a whole new skill!

Prep pack lunches ahead of time more often.

You’ll eat healthier, eat tastier, save money, save packaging - it's a win all around! I like to prep a huge pot of curry on Saturday when I have the day off, then shovel it into a few Tupperware’s ready to grab in the mornings before work. But remember – it’s a goal to do more often, not every day, don’t beat yourself up if you forget or don’t have time.

Get outdoors every day.

Getting outdoors for either an hour long walk, or for a 5 minute stand, fresh air and a cool breeze will help you feel so refreshed, and a little sunlight will do wonders for shifting the fog of seasonal depression or low mood. Especially if you work from home you can end up cooped up inside for days on end and it will drive you crazy. Stretch your legs and your lungs for a few minutes a day if you can.

Read a new book this year.

Just one, we know time to sit and read can be rare. But read a new story, read an essay, read a book of poetry, just get that brain working and inspiration will come flooding in.

More positive self talk.

Catch that negative voice in your head when you can ( I know, its not always easy to do ) and tell it to do one. Next time you hear your inner monologue saying you don’t look good enough to wear that, or don’t speak up you’ll sound dumb, or you don’t deserve that relationship… listen, then counter those negative thoughts with logic. I believe in body positivity and this outfit is cute – I can wear whatever I please. I won’t sound dumb, and if I do make a mistake no one will even care. I deserve love and happiness. The more you do it the easier and more automatic it will become so it’s a great resolution to try and make your 2023 full of more love.

Speak up when I can.

When you can. As an activist or ally speaking up can be exhausting, if you’re constantly defending people or yourself. It can sometimes feel dangerous depending on your situation. And sometimes heightened emotions can make it impossible to clearly express what is right. But its important to speak up when you can, when you know something is wrong.

And that doesn’t have to be calling someone out or arguing with an online troll. It can be sharing positive examples, asking victims if they are okay, sharing stories when asked to.. we all have a voice and its important to use it, again, the more you speak up the more you will learn and the more confident you will become. Maybe 2023 is your year to change the world.

Be kind to everyone.

Sounds easy. But you never know what kind of day that woman who just shoved you on the bus is having. You don’t know what loss that rude bartender has just suffered. You don’t know the pain that the person who just cut in front of you is in. Kindness and generosity as small as a compliment or a smile can literally save lives and totally change some ones day. Yes, some people are just rude or just selfish, but you never know, and rising above any bad behaviour feels great.

Being kind to everyone will ease your stress, make you happier and in turn make you kinder to yourself too.

Want even more ideas?

- Get that hair cut you always wanted! Just do it!

- Try to stretch every day – you’ll thank us for it as you get older

- Have a clear out – your makeup, your wardrobe, your whole house – just create more space for yourself.

- Take fashion risks. Life is too short. It probably looks sick. And you’ll never be this young again so just have fun & express yourself!

- Join some kind of club. Go to life drawing, join bird watchers – make new friends!

This is not the time of year to commit to life changes, it’s the time to make little adjustments that make you happier. And to be honest whilst this does feel like a great time to make changes, you can change your life any time you want to!

If you’re a long time follower or friend of the brand you’ll know I (Daisy) decided to go sober one morning in June 2021. It became clear that it was something I needed to do, for my health, my happiness and my future, and I did it. It hasn’t been easy but if you notice that you do need to quit something, start something or learn to enjoy something – nothing is stopping you. You are never too bad or too inexperienced to improve. Some resolutions will be much more serious or difficult than others but there is so much help out there, no matter what you want to do. We believe in you!

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