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February 2020

This collection was about the grotesque body, those functions that we shun or ignore - ageing, bleeding, breaking.  Similarly stains, rips, and ruins on our clothes should be celebrated as preserved memories that reveal who the wearer is.  What’s so wrong with clothing and bodies that shows we have lived!  We looked deeply into sustainability, upcycling, and identity - asking: Do our clothes reveal or conceal our personality, and is this always intentional?  Perhaps we don't control our image, but what we choose to wear in fact changes us?  

We then organised a fundraiser event named 'Forbidden Fruits' for Greenpeace UK, in the form of a fashion and art exhibition, showcasing the work of a group of young local creatives, all focused around the theme of the Garden of Eden.  We had beautiful garments displayed, wonderful illustrations and artwork, up and coming young DJs and musicians performing, young photographers to document the event and the clothing of local vintage businesses up for sale, all surrounded by bountiful apples, and leaves, and flowers as decoration within the chapel bar.  

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