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Our second project was an exploration into the role of a mother, as we questioned the potential downsides of typical gendered family roles and turned an eye to to the future with a particular focus on technology and motherhood. 

The project manifested itself into a variety of outcomes - all raising money for the charity Black Mamas Matter Alliance to try and combat some of the racial discrimination and inequality in maternal care and child birth. 

The first part of this project was an interactive online exhibition in which viewers were able to explore virtual homes to find a series of films by various artists which all reflected on their personal relationship to the idea of motherhood. 

The second part was a pack of posters, badges and magazines (all created by us) but featuring many pieces of work in various mediums by various artists who were generous enough to contribute to the magazine.








We felt it was important to feature lots of different artists in this magazine to highlight how much our experiences of mothers and motherhood can vary - and to emphasise that narrowing down our perceptions of mothers to one stereotype means missing out on all the complex beauty of the role. 

When we say 'mother' we don't necessarily mean a biological woman who is the biological parent and carer of a baby. We mean whoever provides the 'motherly' love, whoever takes on the burden of emotional and domestic labour in a family.. this could be an adoptive parent, a role model, an older sibling, a father ... mothering is a choice, and a role that many people can fill. 







Above is a PDF version of the exciting magazine that we compiled from all the submissions we received. Ana below is the online interactive exhibition that we created as part of this project. Use the Password 'LetMeIn' to enter the site and explore the artist's virtual spaces! 

If you want to order a print magazine, poster or set of the badges that we created to go with these items then just drop a message! (we will need to wait for at least 10 orders at a time to do short printing runs, but the support would be very much appreciated! 

"if nature is unjust - change nature"

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