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Four Core Trends

Updated: 2 days ago

What on earth is gorpcore anyway?

Have you heard the suffix ‘core’ flying around fashion Instagram pages and TikTok accounts? – Cottagecore, Pixiecore, Goblincore, the list goes on. It is how our internet native generation has taken to labelling a specifically stylized aesthetic (Think of it as the new-gen version of ‘chic’) and fixating on the newest ‘core’ trend has kind of become a trend in itself! Generally, the name of the trend is self-explanatory – for example, Cottagecore is all about feminine styles and romantic, idyllic looks from a rural lifestyle, whilst Goblincore is all about natural elements that are often overlooked in terms of beauty; mushrooms, fungi, moss, frogs, even snails… Our love of niche micro-trends has never been stronger, so we decided to break down the four biggest ‘core’ trends right now – maybe you’re already wearing one and you didn’t even realise!


This one doesn’t take much explaining. Maybe it was inspired by the upcoming Barbie film, maybe Valentino’s sweeping pink runway for AW22 inspired us to dip back into our dressing-up boxes – but barbie is back. Ever the fashion icon, (and yes, centre of a few arguments about body image) Barbie has also always been an independent woman, a working woman, a woman with morals and a woman who lets herself be both fun, feminine and serious. We can see why we want to be like her, even now that we’re all grown up. For your barbie core outfits try feminine shapes, fun prints, girly dresses and heels – and of course loads of pink.


If you haven’t heard of Gorpcore you’ve definitely seen it. It’s the trend of extreme outdoor wear – being worn as street style. The evolution of utility wear you could say.. where useful, functional features are actually style details too. Think puffers, woolly hats, crocs, waterproof trousers, wrap-around shades, cargo trousers, hiking boots…

Not worn in an elevated way, but worn by embracing the almost ugly aesthetic of genuinely practical cloth

ing, dressed down with jeans, canvas trainers, shirts etc. so it’s clear that these gorpcore elements are a style choice, that you’re not actually about to trek into the great outdoors with nothing but a rucksack.

Judging from 2022 runways it’s even been called the trend of the year! Just think of all the high fashion and outdoor-wear crossover we’ve seen this year; Celine windbreakers, TNF x Gucci, Prada Cargos.. and of course Rhianna’s pregnancy announcement in a pink puffer!


Balletcore is an ultra-feminine microtrend that was everywhere this fashion month.

From ballet pumps on Bella Hadid to wrap cardigans on Sydney Sweeny it’s definitely establishing itself as a trend that is here to last out the summer.

Key elements are of course comfy flats, neutral tones, soft wrap cardigans, leg warmers, bodysuits with v-neck or sweetheart necklines, stretchy headbands and mini wrap skirts. Oh, and any accessories with ribbons! This reincarnation of the ballerina trend can be traced back to Miu Miu’s A/W 22 pink satin ballet pumps, and it has now secured itself as a high fashion trend after appearing on 2023 runways for Sunnei, Tod’s, MM6 and Simone Rocha.


Cybercore is the latest interpretation of the Y2K resurgence with a focus on the early, grungy days of the internet. So think less of butterflies and bejewelled low-rise jeans – more dark cargo trousers, reflctive or metallic sunglasses and big techy accessories like headphones. It’s a mash-up between early gothic styles, 2000’s girl groups, and early technology – which somehow comes together as a much sleeker version of the previous trend cycle. If you want to get in on the Cybercore style, opt for dark or metallic trousers, some chunky platforms, a futuristic pair of shades and a flashy crop top, or just look at celeb fans of the trend; Willow Smith, Doja Cat and Julia Fox for some inspiration.

At the core of these trends?

The fun of these ‘core’ trends is that you just get to be exactly who you want to be – dress like a hiker, dress like a doll, dress like you just came from a different decade, or just came from a ballet class. The internet is opening up our frame of reference (we can literally look at anything we want to with a quick google search) which means inspiration can come from anywhere, no matter how unexpected. And that is pretty exciting.

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