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September 2021


We started this collection just before we graduated from university in 2020.  As Covid-19 lockdowns began, and BLM protests started increasing – little did we know how much protest and resistance to authority would be happening over the next year.  At the time we were struck by the way that higher establishment exploits and controls us.  London is becoming uninhabitable for people on a creative sector wage – like they're trying to kill our character.  Theres a mismatch between the actions that institutions demand of us, what we have to do to survive, and our individual desires.  We wanted to look into this idea of the two opposing forces – and then try to find a way to combine them, to find a middle ground that wasn’t so rebellious that it would be brushed away as extreme, but also to do something disruptive enough.  We didn’t want to present a fact, but more a set of questions.  How much agency do we really have?  Can rebellion ever make real change?  And to what level is peoples outrage real, VS at what point is it just commercialised into a trend or a fake claim for street cred.  It seems like there’s a very big difference between what people say, and what they do. 


For the side of the establishment we researched the 18th century wealthy courts – and their powerful fashion.  While for the side of the rebels we looked into punks.  And when it came to marrying the two together we decided to do this literally – with the wedding of characters from both sides of the fight.  Turning the collection into a religious event made sense to us, highlighting peoples devotion to the higher power that is fashion, with ritualistic consumer habits, and obsession with icons.  We did a lot of historical and conceptual research for this project – some of which is very interesting, and which we used to influence ever single tiny design detail.  So for a breakdown of the concepts that went into each look you can see detailed descriptions on our instagram – or take a look at our project zine. 

As always for each project we pick a charity related to the topics we have explored in our work, and donate to them with every purchase.  For 'GIVE ME MY SIN AGAIN' the charity we have chosen this time is oxfam - as their work to combat poverty directly links to ideas of wealth and class that we have explored in this project.   


We had a wonderful team of talented creatives help us on the day of the shoot for this collection who we will credit below so please check out their work too!  

  • The confessional video and runway video were both made by MONOZYGOTICS co-founder Daisy Riley (she/her).

  • All the eerie and characterful film photographs above were all taken by the lovely Max Wiggins (he/him), while the incredible photographs below this text were taken by Angela Ogunfojuri (she/her) whos work you can view on  

  • All the stunning makeup was done by Bryanna Angel (she/her) who you can find on instagram @bryanna_angel_mua, and the fabulous hair and wig styling was done by Liza Karsanidi (@_lizawithaz_) and Vassilios Argholekas (@eliakeim)

  • Our beautiful models (in order they appear below) are:   

  1. Kyle (he/him) (@sativacorpse) is an amazing artist and part of the trio (along with another of our models - Shaq) that make up  Give them a listen we promise you wont regret it.  

  2. Hannah Lummis (she/her) is also a super creative makeup artist that you can find @looksbylum

  3. Sarah (she/her)who is a wonderful artist and shares her work on instagram @emery_board.  

  4. Alizee (she/her)is a badass designer who makes sick and sustainable rock and roll creations - you can find her on instagram  @alizee_hel, and can shop her work on

  5. Natalie (she/her)who is a stunning up and coming professional model - you can check out her website at or her instagram @nat.urelle

  6. Sabrina (she/her) - @sabrinawwai

  7. Lauren (she/her) - @laurenxnasrallah

  8. Amelia (she/her) is such a sick photographer - to see some of her amazing work the website to visit id or @ameliasonsino. 

  9. Siobhan(she/her), who is another really talented creative, over on @shotbyshiv you cab see some of her work as a photographer and creative director.  

  10. Chai (she/her in drag, he/him out of drag) is the most amazing drag queen, poet, songwriter - and all round extraordinaire!  Have a look at @sipmechai on instargam for more. 

  11. Nel (she/her) - @_softgoth

  12. Morgan (he/him) is a very, very, VERY good artist and printmaker @mogjw

  13. Max (he/him) - yes the same max who took the wonderful pictures above, so clearly a great photographer!  

  14. Shaq (he/him) is another 1/3 of, who (again)  make sick music and can be found @triiip.god

  15. Sam (he/him) - @van.lla

  16. Rebecca (she/her) - @amorandanxiety

  17. Amber (she/her) - @marvelamber

  18. Lianne (she/her) - @bratking_666

  19. Zihan Zhoe (she/her) - @_z.h.o.e._

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