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Get into The Grey 

Time to start actually learning about fashion, feel like an insider and make the changes you want to see. 


Operating under our key values of better sustainability, better inclusivity, more transparency and more individuality we have a lot to say about the fashion industry. 


This exclusionary and harmful industry shrouds itself in mystery, elitism, vagueness and a lack of accountability – that lets it get away with (literal) murder and lets it keep its gates tightly shut to outsiders. Well, we have the key to those gates and we want to open them up to as many of you as possible, democratizing the industry one word at a time and diving into the glorious, gooey, grey because so often the stories you see in mainstream media are not the simple black and white they pretend to be. 


We welcome contributors, so drop Daisy an email if you have something you want to say. 

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