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September 2020

We asked questions about femininity within slasher films focusing on three stereotypical roles;  the victims, the sex object, and the mother. We studied the universally accepted links between sex and death, women and violence, lust and fear, porn and horror, then we asked why.  This project revolved around the idea of identity, and the fact that who we are can be embedded into what we wear.  The garments made are carefully distorted to create characters that are very real even when not on a body.  we used tiny buttons to force the wearer to use a fiddling frantic movement, tailoring techniques of shirts to force the wearer to bent their back like an old woman, or adding to form a new body shape.  We were midway through this project when lockdown was enforced, so decided to make a full staged runway of the collection.  We also documented the whole behind the scenes make process - even the tears - to give compete transparency to our audience, and really prove how much pressure is put on you creatives, and the tiny, stressful situations we are all forced to work in.  

Donations from this collection will go to WISH: A Voice for Womens Mental Health. 

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